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What can be treated?

Our Therapist often helps patients suffering from:

• Back and Neck Pain

• Joint Pain and Muscle Strains

• Shoulder Conditions

• Headaches

• Repetitive Strain Injuries

• Whiplash

• Muscle Tightness during and after pregnancy

• Tendon Pain

• Stress

• Jaw Pain and Associated Muscle Strain

• Poor Posture

• Post Surgery Recovery

Woman in Pain
Headaches &

Unfortunately, some people suffer from headaches more than others and the reasons can be varied.

Acupressure Neck Massage
Upper Back & Neck Pain

There are a number of different causes for upper back and neck pain

Shoulder Treatment
Shoulder Conditions

Shoulder conditions are complex and can be caused by a number of problems

Jaw Pain
Jaw Pain & Muscle Strain

Teeth grinding from stress or clenching at night can be contributing factors to TMD, headaches, migraines or upper back and neck pain.

Lower Back & Hip Pain

Majority of us have experienced lower back and hip pain to some level or another.

Standing Desk
Poor Posture

Unfortunately, numerous factors one may encounter in life can get in the way of good posture.

We also help with problems and health-related issues including:

• Ankle injuries

• Knee issues

• Hip and lower back pain

• Muscle strains

• Muscle tears

• Tendinopathys

• Migraines

• Jaw clenching

• Numbness and tingling in hands and feet

• Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

What should I expect after my treatement?

Everybody responds differently based on a broad range of factors. Some common responses however are:


● Feeling relaxed and just want to lie down after the massage. Through assisting the body to heal and cleanse itself, your body will want to slow down, this is fine and if you are able to, please find 20 – 30 mins after your treatment to simply relax.


● Feeling tender where I have worked. During your treatment, there was already a degree of discomfort, this tenderness post treatment is very common and is part of the healing process.


I usually wait until 48 hrs post treatment and check to see the level of tenderness. Most commonly, the tenderness has decreased significantly after this time and the range of movement throughout the joint has increased as well as the initial concern has changed and is either no longer there, or decreased, which is obviously the intent!

What can I do post treatment?

● Drink an extra 750ml of water to help flush the toxins released from the massage.


● Rest and recover – you may feel a lot better, but its best to still wait for around 24hrs before indulging in any strenuous activity that may impact the work that was done.


● Be aware of a change in the area we worked on. Neurologically (information from the brain to the soft tissue) we have created change and your brain needs time to understand that where it may have needed to protect the area or not allow certain movements, it now can. Don’t be afraid of trying movements that you weren’t able to pre treatment, but please use caution and please go slowly, being very conscious of how it “feels”. Please contact me if you are unsure.


● Do exercises – If I have given you specific exercises, please find the time to do them. I will endeavour to provide you with exercises to suit your lifestyle, however, there is a need for you to take some time throughout your day to perform these.


● Book another massage – This gives us an opportunity to understand how your body responds to the treatment and to see how the initial problem has changed. I have no intention of having you come in unnecessarily, however, there is a need to get on top of the situation as quickly as possible before the body falls back into bad habits. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Unsure if Remedial Massage is right for you?

Jump on our free 15-minute phone consultation to find out if Remedial Massage could help you with your problem or pain. CLICK HERE to fill out a form to request a call-back at a time that works best for you.

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